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Hyperbolic Vomit

Has so much hyperbole ever been used about a TV show other than Girls? Casually racist, yes, it is. Nepotistic, yes, without a doubt. But so are 99% of ALL TV SHOWS. It’s insanely hard to break into the industry without connections and/or money. At least Lena Dunham is smart, clever and honest. I didn’t love Tiny Furniture and I don’t love Girls, but I recognize that they’re  well-written, well-made and well-acted.

I ‘m too put off by the whiny self-involvement to stick with Girls in the long run, but I don’t think it’s any worse than Curb Your Enthusiasm. If we’re going to vilify Lena Dunham for the self-involvement and limited worldview on her show, why not target Larry David for the self-involvement and limited worldview AND for being a raging asshole on his?

I really don’t want to read any more grand pronouncements about the show or responses to the surrounding shitstorm like Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes calling the justified response to Lesley Arfin’s repellant tweet about Precious the LYNCHING OF LESLEY ARFIN. That’s really the end game of this kind of hyperbolic vomit — equating having to weather media criticism to a tweet with BEING LYNCHED. Can we just have a Thought Catalog piece on why Lena and Lesley are actually the reincarnation of Hitler and Stalin and be done with it?

  • 28 April 2012
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